Experience the Best Blast Through Using 308 Muzzle Brakes

Needless to say, 308 muzzle brake design varies to a great extent due to the range of blast patterns varying significantly. The best way to find out just how powerful a muzzle blast is would be to find innovative ways to capture the beauty and pure power of it all. To pull it off, you have to get pretty creative.

Be careful while you’re at it as some makes would direct gasses towards the ground, which may result in some severe problems should you be firing from a vulnerable position. In such instances, the muzzle would be only a couple of inches off the ground, and as you may imagine, if any gas is being redirected to the ground, then you stand a good chance of eating plenty of grit, sand, and possibly some insects too. It can be pretty annoying to get stuff flying in your eyes, preventing you from taking a follow-up shot.

One guy, we know figured out he had to become somewhat creative,  yet resourceful to capture how a muzzle brake performed in any given circumstances. With the help of a good friend of his, he came up with a brilliant plan that seemed to work well. What they did was to place some baking soda in the vinyl tubing, then feed the tube into the rubber stopper before positioning it into the chamber of gun’s barrel. By just adding a blow gun or an air compressor while capturing the effects with a high-speed camera, they soon discovered where the materials being used were directed to, which gave some useful insight on how each brake would redirect gas.

Doing this, created a better understanding of things like:

  1. Just how much gas would actually be directed towards the ground (ground signature)
  2. The amount of gas that would be headed back towards the shooter
  3. Finally, how much work is carried out by each part of the design. In other words, how much the top ports would redirect as opposed to the side ports.

It is of particular importance to those of you who make it a habit shooting from a prone position. The guy in our story made it his mission to ensure the safer use of all types of flash hiders by conducting a field test to see in what sort of directions the gas being emitted would blow. With the silver Shrewd muzzle brake, you will soon discover how equal amounts of gas get blown in all directions. Without a doubt, designs like these are known for kicking up dirt. On a positive note, they do not have to be timed, meaning you can just screw it on tight, and off you go.

Even though it is by no means as scientific as the rest of the field test, in a big way, it offers some insight into another brand of a compensator. If you could see the photos from the tests that were carried out, you’ll be able to learn a lot about the gas dispersion and performance of the brakes.

As a side note, Talcum powder is just as useful to carry out tests to determine how the compensators you intend using will perform in a real-life situation.

Another huge favorite is the Titan brakes, Even though they can be pretty darn gnarly in that they are twice as loud as the Surefire, they function very well on a 5.56 gun by ensuring the muzzle remains steady. Everyone most likely has their own favorite brand they would opt for, but Titan proves to be among some of the favorite brakes being used today.

Maybe you have a Magnum rifle that you enjoy and are in the process of re-barreling your gun while wishing to install a new brake for your muzzle.

Have you considered MadHouse Design’s Triple-Port Muzzle Brake?

These are engineered for performance in a kind of sleek, yet compact way in that the TMB is said to offer substantial performance improvement regarding fast and accurate shooting. Any excess gas is evenly distributed through 3-precision ports to bring about some severe recoil reduction with minimal blowback. What is more, there ain’t any ports facing upwards, which ensure an uninterrupted view of your target.